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Q: I am a patient who needs a physician to manage and write my medications. I am not interested in anything other than having my prescriptions refilled. I just want my meds! Can I only have that service be performed here?

Answer:  No. The PainCare center does not endorse the writing of precription narcotics as the sole primary treament plan for treating patients in pain. Dr. Andrews and the staff at the PainCare Center are committed to compassionate and effective treatment of our patients. Our philosophy of 'pain management' is multidimensional. We work with your family doctor or referring specialist to arrive at a treatment plan that is designed to combine alternative treatment procedures with the lowest dosage of medications necessary to maintain a patient's quality of life.


Patients who arrive on their 1st visit at The PainCare Center who are currently on medications will be evaluated by Dr. Andrews. If appropriate, alternative treatment procedures will be suggested to the patient for consideration. If the patient elects to undergo procedures as a patient at The PainCare Center, our office will work with your referring physician and will send medication recommendations to that individual to continue writing medications for the patient.


Our goal for patient care is to combine pain management procedures with the lowest dosage of medication necessary to treat the diagnosed condition. We are not a drug addiction treatment facility. We are not a pharmacy. Nor are we a chemical dependency rehabilitative facility. We do not take patients under our care to soley write prescriptions. Instead - we work with patients using interventional pain management procedures to reduce or eliminate chronic pain.


Simply stated? The answer to your pain relief should not be found in a bottle of pills!

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